Google Places over 57,000 Works of Art on the Web

Following on from the previous article about the British Library releasing over 1 million images, I discovered today that in its art preservationist wing, the  Cultural InstituteGoogle houses an enormous collection of digital art from over 150 collections and 40 countries in what it calls the Art Project.

This is an astonishing collection beautifully presented and, as I did with the previous collection, I warn you that unless you have spare time don’t even begin to browse this site, as I’m sure most will be inclined to spend many hours discovering what’s on offer here.

Google Art Project

Google Art Project

Google lately have presented some of the best, if not the best, user interfaces on the Web, and this one is no exception. It’s possible to search by collection, artist, artworks and user galleries. That’s correct, you can create your own gallery and save it once you’ve logged in to your Google account.

Here are the links:

Google Art Project

Google Art Project


English: British Library Gate Français : Porte...

Last Thursday, The British Library announced it has released over 1 million images onto Flickr commons into the public domain for any person to use, remix and re-purpose. The images are taken from books of the 17th to 19th centuries and some are truly fascinating. The images can be accessed here, but a word of warning, once you’ve begun browsing through them it’s very difficult to stop, so make sure you have plenty of spare time at your disposal.

Click on an image in the gallery to browse through some I’ve selected.


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British Library releases over 1 million images


I just like this face




This was painted just yesterday in Deja Vu Cafe…


coffee shops, Viet Nam

A Wall Mural


The old and the new Sai Gon


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Viet Nam

Old and New Sai Gon


A favourite “quiet” place in noisy Sai Gon


coffee shops, Viet Nam

The Tibetan Coffee Shop